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American History-Themed Cafe and Bar Heads for Former Volta Space

November 7, 2018

Antique sofas, revolutionary cocktails, and Thomas Jefferson’s favorite food are on tap at Executive Order. Read More.

By Janelle Bitker for EaterSF

Montage of photos depicting events leading to the Declaration of Independence
Montage of Emancipation Proclamation photos

Vibe is strong in a historically themed bar that blends presidential memorabilia with modern finishes to create a sleek bar

May 7, 2021

“So I teach 5th grade, which means I teach the creation of the United States up through the Civil War. I am also a history nerd, so a historical presidential themed bar had to get a visit. Not only is the place a splendid combination of historical memorabilia and modern finishes, but (at least tonight, a Friday night) they're playing some 1997-2007 era hip hop and nothing compliments once rice cocktails and truffle tots like OutKast. But let me get back to the tots... truffle fries are one of my favorite things, and this is the first and only time I have ever seen truffle tots, and I'm sold. Dusted with Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs, and accompanied by a garlic aioli, these are the ultimate bar snack. As for the drinks, the George Washington is delicious, but all their drinks seem to be impressively creative with great care taken to use exceptional ingredients. Better yet, they have outdoor seating and the indoor area adequately spaced so not only are you able to easily keep distanced, but that means you aren't ever overwhelmed by crowd noise, which adds to the atmosphere… Excellent atmosphere, vibe is strong in a historically themed bar that blends presidential memorabilia with modern finishes to create a sleek bar. Plenty of room to not end up on top of the people around you, good music going (as a 90s kid I appreciated the late 90s - early 00s hip hop), and great bar food. You haven't lived until you have had truffle tots. Trust me. The drink menu is the key, very incentive and unique, plenty of concoctions outside the usual boring run of the mill.” - Josh M. Elite

"The Best Bar I've Been in My Long, Bar-Rich Life"

December 2019

"Absolutely amazing place, smilingly themed on founding fathers and other aspects of U.S. policy, great ambiance, superb cocktails for a very reasonable $13 or so (less for some in happy hour, up to 5 pm); golden oldies music, like Cindy Lauper' "girls Just wanna have fun", "never gonna give you up", "that's the way I like it", etc. Lots of board games, a billiard table, elegant but comfy armchairs and sofas... Amazing! (2 days later) now I've tried the food too and wish I could give ANOTHER 5 stars -+ the place is THE best bar I've been in my long, bar-rich life; I'm out of adjectives to praise it. Worth the SF trip from most everywhere just to enjoy it." - Alex Martelli, Google Review

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