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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age allowed to enter Executive Order?

You must be 21 years or older with a valid, government-issued photo ID or passport to drink and/or dine at Executive Order. We are licensed by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to operate as a type 48 cocktail bar, lounge and nightclub.

Are Service Animals welcome?

Yes. Service Animals are welcome inside our business. No paperwork or documentation is required. Under the City & County of San Francisco's Department of Environmental Health, which regulates Food Service Facilities' permits, in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules, we are required to ask 2 questions: (1) Is the dog (or miniature horse) a service animal? and (2) What service is the dog (or miniature horse) trained to perform? Per the ADA, if a guest states that their animal is an "Emotional Support" animal and not a "Psychiatric Service Animal." this would exclude them from the trained, service animal distinction.

What are the City's Mask & Vaccine requirements to enter Executive Order for indoor dining?

Effective 3/11/22, The City & County of San Francisco has RESCINDED the mandate that all restaurants and bars: (1) verify guests' have Proof of Full Vaccination (either through a CDC issued Vaccine Record card, a photo of the card, or a California DHS SMART Vaccination Health Card QR Code) with a name that matches their government-issued photo ID card; and (2) require all guests & staff to wear face coverings while indoors, when not actively eating or drinking.

*These requirements are subject to change.

What kind of measures do you take to minimize the spread of infectious disease in your venue?

  • Our staff is fully trained on current health & safety standards.

  • Staff are required to stay home if showing any signs of illness.

  • We have implemented more rigorous sanitation procedures following the latest CDC guidelines.

  • Staff are required to wash hands & sanitize surfaces frequently. 

  • HEPA air filters are in place throughout the venue and doors are kept open to maximize indoor ventilation.

Do you offer "Bottle Service"?

Executive Order has been granted the privilege of selling alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption by guests 21 years or older in the city of San Francisco, California, and is licensed to do so by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. In consideration for the granting of this license, the Department has imposed Operating Restrictions on this business which include, but are not limited to, the prohibition of the sale of distilled spirits by the bottle on the premises. Bottles of wine, sparkling and champagne may be sold.

What is your Tipping/Gratuity policy?

Our staff works hard to provide all guests with excellent service. We welcome guests to share any positive or constructive feedback on staff performance with us via e-mail, integrated Square checkout feedback form or via the Tock reservations platform used for booking. All guests checks totaling $100 or more, and all guests' individual checks that are part of a larger group of 6 or more will have an automatic 20% gratuity/tip applied to the final bill amount for the staff. Credit cards for open tabs left after closing will be closed and also be subject to an automatic 20% gratuity.

Do you have outdoor seating?


What is your maximum capacity?

The ground floor main bar area holds up to 180 guests mixed seated and standing. The Hancock Room on the mezzanine level holds up to 50 guests mixed seated and standing.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. We offer electronic gift cards via Square. They have no expiration date.

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